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The 8 Keys to Breakdown Recovery

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

1.    Arranging for car breakdown Recovery.  While traveling abroad make sure your breakdown cover extends to your trip. Contact your Breakdown cover provider and make sure your covered, if its a local company get in touch and check they cover EU 2.    Keeping a road-map in the car.  Even if you have a GPS device you should still have a roadmap in the car for any situation. If you have a roadmap you can easily find out and explain where you are if the navigation loses battery or signal. 3.    Making sure your phone is always charged. Losing contact if your car breaks down on a less traveled road can be a bad experience. Having an in-car charger will ensure your phone battery never runs low. 4.    Keeping the number of the breakdown cover provider at hand. While the number can be found on the insurance policy it is also wise to save it on the phone’s memory. 5.    Keeping a waterproof reflective jacket in the car. This will be very useful if you breakdown on the motorway on rainy weather and having to wait for help. 6.    Keeping a reflective red warning triangle in the car. A reflective red warning triangle and reflective jacket is mandatory in most European countries and having on even if it’s not is very wise. These triangles should be placed at a distance of about 50 meters behind the car. 7.    Preparing for winter breakdowns. Keep some warm clothes, a blanket and some chocolate bars in the car while driving in the winter. This will help you stay warm and fed while waiting for help. 8.    Keeping walking boots in the car.  If your car breaks down in the road you probably don’t have to wait or walk to a gas station in high heels or a pair of nice leather shoes.

Remember when calling for a breakdown recovery to have your vehicle details to hand

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