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Motorway Breakdown? M40 (Were Here To Help)

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

1.    Immediately pull to the left. As soon as you feel something’s wrong pull left on the safety lane and turn on the hazard lights. 2.    Aim for an emergency phone. If you have an idea what the problem with the car is and think you can make it to the next emergency phone you should do that. Use the phone to contact the policy. They will know immediately where you are. 3.    Don’t try to fix the car yourself. Unless you are a trained mechanic you shouldn’t try fixing the car yourself. Calling a car breakdown recovery service is the best choice. 4.    Stationary hints. When your car is stationary it’s best to turn the front wheels towards the verge. This way if your car is somehow hit from behind it will not move onto the motorway. 5.    Get your passengers our of the car. Have your passengers exit the car by the left-hand doors (right if in Europe). The passengers should then sit behind the barrier while waiting for help. 6.    Put the red triangle 147 feet behind the car. 7.    Call for help. If your mobile is out of battery or service you can use the motorway emergency phones to call the police. Look for the nearest roadside marker to find out where you are. You will find a roadside marker every 100 meters. 8.    Wait near the vehicle for assistance. Make sure to stay away from traffic while waiting for help, preferably behind the barrier.

if your able to make a call to a reputable breakdown recovery agency, do so! they should know your vehicle, if not, try to have your vehicle details to hand when booking a breakdown call out!

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